Sharing Insights


Sharing Insights

Sharing Insights- helping you reach your business goals.

Welcome to our new ‘Sharing Insights blog series, offering a unique opportunity to demonstrate the skills and expertise of some of our academics at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU)- opening new avenues for communication with businesses and a broad range of stakeholders.

Our commitment to forging meaningful collaborations with external partners includes inspiring new knowledge and research to support the local economy.

By engaging with our knowledge base, gain a fresh perspective and ignite new ideas and ways of working. Whether it’s developing new concepts, delivering on specific projects, or enhancing your business strategies to meet both current and future needs.

In this blog series, CCCU academics will discuss how their expertise and research can support your business vision, highlighting the various ways academic-industry partnerships can elevate your enterprise to the next level.

To launch this new blog series, we are publishing four blogs this week to coincide with CCCU’s inaugural ‘Knowledge Exchange Week’- an initiative whereby internal University colleagues come together to showcase and celebrate what can be achieved through meaningful collaboration.

  • In the first blog to be published on Tuesday, Dr Karen Thomas, Director of the Tourism and Events Hub, within Christ Church Business School, explores why collaboration is vital, to the visitor economy and to the world of Higher Education, where universities need to be meaningful to society and the regions they call home. 
  • On Wednesday, Dr Aga Gordon, from Christ Church Business School, explains how you can unlock the potential of your enterprise by collaborating with CCCU-wide offerings and business programmes, where fresh perspectives, innovative solutions, and top talent await. Engage with our dynamic initiatives from consultancy to innovation funding and shape the future workforce, enhance your reputation, and drive growth through impactful academia-industry partnerships.
  • On Thursday, Dr. Katie Dray and Mr. Dan Stretch share insights on how the principles of sports science can transform your business and personal performance helping you unleash your full potential by leveraging fitness, goal setting, teamwork, and coaching strategies proven to drive success in both athletes and business professionals.
  • Finally, on Friday, Dr Janet Melville-Wiseman discusses ideas relevant to any industry or employer that would like to support people who have been in the care system to join their workforce. These ideas are designed to support students’ transition to paid employment when they are likely to still be without the kinds of family support or connections that other graduates enjoy.

Whether you’re looking to hire a consultant for a day to evaluate a report or embark on a long-term, cross-disciplinary project spanning over a year, our academic experts are here to assist. Our specialists cover a broad spectrum of fields, including business, creative industries, education, engineering, healthcare, science, technology and the public sector. This blog series represents a small portion of the expertise you can access.

Partnering with us is a cost-effective way to utilise University resources, tap into extensive networks, and engage with other stakeholders. With our commitment to providing rapid project turnaround, we support organisations in refining their business models, achieving growth potential, and driving forward innovation. We hope this expert blog series sparks new ideas and inspires you- please continue to follow the launch blogs this week (with more to come) and reach out to us to continue these valuable conversations by emailing

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