How To Benefit Your Business By Upskilling Your Workforce


How To Benefit Your Business By Upskilling Your Workforce

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There are multiple apprenticeship possibilities available at Canterbury Christ Church University in a variety of topic areas. Our higher-level and degree apprenticeship programmes are jointly created with companies to fit their specific demands. We provide apprenticeship programmes in the fields of health care, management, engineering, and policing. Through training and development, we can help you improve the skill sets of your employees, boost productivity, and lower staff turnover.

What are the benefits to the business?

Higher and degree apprenticeships, which are tailored to your organisation’s objectives, can help you build your own talent by creating a competent, motivated work force. Higher and degree apprenticeships offer opportunity to close skill shortages within your business, are flexible, and are customised to job requirements. Your apprentices will earn a university-level credential that is specifically designed to fit the demands of your business.

There’s a wide range of benefits:

  • Add value by immediately integrating new skills and knowledge into your company.
  • Deal with the present and upcoming skills shortages.
  • Create a qualified, skilled, and motivated workforce.
  • By upskilling your team, you may increase retention.
  • Keep your business current with cutting-edge methods and technology, while boosting output.
  • Overcome hiring difficulties and cut training expenses.

“Working with Canterbury Christ Church University has benefitted Medway Council and its staff in many ways. Their willingness to listen to the employer and integrate a more tailored focus to their programme was refreshing and exciting. Their teaching staff are committed and offer innovative ideas and solutions to bring out the best from the learner. We are extremely happy with our choice and look forward to continuing our association in the future.” – Medway Council

What are the benefits to the employee?

Higher and degree apprenticeships provide a different path to higher education for both school leavers and professionals currently in the workforce. You may combine your professional growth and job duties by earning a university degree while working a full-time job.

The main benefits include:

  • While working a full-time job, you complete a university education.
  • Improve your management and leadership abilities to advance your career.
  • Acquire recognised credentials.
  • Apply new skills, techniques, and work-based initiatives to support the growth of your company.
  • Earn while you learn training, delivered by subject and industry experts.

“The CMDA gave me the opportunity to explore a range of theories, models and practices in business management and apply them to the workplace. The course allowed me to develop my skills in management and leadership and work towards a university degree whilst working full time. The experience has been one of both personal and professional growth, and as well as the learning, I have made some great connections on my course and some friends for life. The course is well balanced with work commitments and offers the flexibility needed when working full time. The lecturers are fantastic and work with you and your employer to establish how the course can best serve you and your workplace, as well as ensuring I had a workplace mentor to support me throughout my studies.” – Sean Cleary (CMDA cohort)

Support small businesses by transferring your unused levy funds  

If your business pays the Apprenticeship Levy, you can access CCCU apprenticeships through this fund. You can also use your apprenticeship service account to transfer up to 25% of your unused levy funds to a business of your choice. 

By transferring levy funds, you will be supporting other businesses in paying for their apprenticeship training and assessment costs. You can find businesses to support by:  

Transferring levy funds is a great way to help businesses and close the skills gaps in sectors and locations you want to support – creating more job and career development opportunities across the district. 

Are apprenticeships a good fit for your employees and business?

Apprenticeships provide flexibility to participants in the programme as well as employers, making it possible to balance learning in the job with studying for a qualification. A wide variety of exciting, industry-focused apprenticeship programmes are available from Canterbury Christ Church University, assisting both companies and people in succeeding. To meet changing market conditions and corporate needs, we are constantly creating new apprenticeship programmes.

Contact the Enterprise and Engagement Team to learn more about apprenticeship opportunities at Canterbury Christ Church University:

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