Boosting team wellbeing and giving back to the community through corporate volunteering


Boosting team wellbeing and giving back to the community through corporate volunteering

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Volunteering is beneficial on so many levels. Not only does volunteering allow you to support a good cause, it’s also been shown to have a positive impact on self-esteem, your sense of wellbeing and skill development. Particularly when that volunteering is outside in the fresh air and allows for some time to chat with your colleagues outside of the usual meetings!

A few weeks ago, members of the Department of Enterprise and Engagement at Canterbury Christ Church University, turned off their computers for a morning of volunteering in the Vineyards of The Fifth Trust Supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities | The Fifth Trust as part of our ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ team initiative.  Occurring every 3 to 4 months, Wellbeing Wednesdays are an important opportunity to step away from the hustle and bustle, spend time together as a team, whilst giving back to the local community. Previous outings have included litter picking, art and crafts, and packing care packages.

The Fifth Trust are a charity and social enterprise based in Barham, supporting support adults with learning disabilities through a range of learning opportunities – from pottery and photography, to cooking and woodwork. They have an on-site social enterprises in the form of a café and a garden centre, which supports the charity’s aims by raising funds and providing students with work experience, selling their expertly made produce. The charity also sells delicious wine, produced for them by another company, from their own vineyard. The vines need constant care and attention to produce good quality grapes to be turned into wine and with only a small team, the charity is reliant on volunteers to help them keep the vines in tip top shape. The team took it in turns to be green-fingered tending to the vines, whilst another group expertly labelled the bottles of fizz ready to be sold.

After a busy morning, the team were treated to a delicious lunch in the sunshine before heading back to the office.

Michael James, Volunteer Coordinator said:

“Many thanks to the staff of Canterbury Christ Church University who sent the Department of Enterprise and Engagement to help at our Elham Valley Vineyard. We wouldn’t be able to maintain the vines without the help of all the wonderful volunteers who give their time over the summer. With their help, we have enjoyed some of our best-ever yields, with our seyval and pinot noir grapes producing 2000 bottles of our still white and sparkling wines. Ultimately, the success of our vineyard means better services and facilities for our 170+ students.”

If you would like to find out more about The Fifth Trust or would like to volunteer there, contact Fundraising Manager and Volunteer Coordinator,

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