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Support for Venice Biennale Fellowship Applications


Support for Venice Biennale Fellowship Applications

To help students develop their applications for the 2022 Venice Biennale Fellowship Programme, the following resources have been created:

Applicant Information

Katie McGown (Head of Arts and Culture) gives a brief overview of the fellowship and application process.

You can find the applicant guidelines here

You can download the application form at the link here.

The British Council’s website has some broad information about the fellowship programme including a blog from previous fellows.

CCCU Drop-in Sessions

If you want to discuss the fellowship programme or your application, you can attend any of the drop-in Collaborate session below:

Visa Requirements for the Fellowship

All current CCCU students are eligible to apply for the fellowship regardless of their nationationality. There may however be a requirement for the selected fellow to get a visa for their month in Venice. These requirements will need to be determined on a case-by-case basis. Fellows are responsible for securing the visa and any fees are expected to come from the £1800 bursary.

UK Passport holders: The British Council does not anticipate that fellows with UK passport will require visas to complete the fellowship given the 30-day duration and the educational nature of the programme. They hope to confirm this information shortly.

EU Passport holders: Fellows who hold valid EU passports will not require a visa.

Non-UK and EU Passport holders: Should the selected fellow hold a passport from a country outside the UK or EU, they will need to determine their individual requirements for obtaining a visa to travel to Italy. They will also need to confirm whether this period outside of the UK affects any of the conditions of their UK student visa. Should this be relevant to the selected fellow, CCCU and the British Council will help them to determine the requirements and conditions of travel.

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