Alumni Sustainability Champion Award, NEW for 2024! 


Alumni Sustainability Champion Award, NEW for 2024! 

Criteria, and terms and conditions  

This awards recognises an alumnus, or group of alumni who are committed Shaping Sustainable Futures, working to continually reduce their environmental impact, operating ethically and empowering others to be advocates for sustainability, or making a tangible impact through sustainable practices.    

Specific award criteria  

An alumnus who:   

  • Initiating innovative and collaborative action to enhance or embed sustainability in one of the four key areas: community, education, research, environment.    
  • Outstanding commitment to and advocacy for sustainability principles, embedding them as a core part of their personal or professional culture.   
  • Is making a significant impact on addressing sustainability challenges, locally, regionally or globally.    
  • Encouraging greater understanding of sustainable practice through teaching, research, or community participation.   

COMING SOON: Nominate an alumnus for being a Sustainability Champion here!  

Read a full version of the Alumni Awards 2024 terms and conditions.  

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