Become a Futures mentor


Become a Futures mentor

Are you interested in sharing your professional experience to help students move forward with their career aspirations? Can you provide a listening ear? Could you make a difference?

Then becoming a Futures Mentor might be for you! The programme is designed to help students connect with somebody with relevant professional or personal experience to support them in their career aspirations and goals. Mentors can be alumni, staff of CCCU or external partners, and the next programme will start in January 2024.

The Futures mentoring programme is designed to help students connect with somebody who can relate to them based on experience and career path. The role of a mentor is to support their mentee in their future aspirations and goals, in a safe and friendly space, which allows the mentee to explore their future career, build their knowledge and add to their skill set.

Our mentoring programme is currently aimed at our GradForce students, who are in their final year of study and on our GetHired! employability programme, which helps to maximise their employability potential and to develop confidence. Your role as a mentor would complement this and support  them in achieving their professional goals.

There are lots of benefits to both the mentor and the mentee from participating in this reciprocal learning relationship, from personal growth, self reflection, improved communication skills, the sharing of new perspectives, and broadening horizons.

We believe our alumni network has a wealth of knowledge and support that would benefit our students on this one-to-one level.

Through our supportive programme we will match mentors and mentees based on personal specification, requirements and experience. We will provide training, and guide mentors and mentees through the process and be on hand to answer any questions. The course is designed to run over 6 months with one session a month, but this is flexible and will be driven by the mentor/mentee pairing.

If you think you have the qualities to be a good mentor, including empathy, good listening skills, being encouraging, questioning, providing guidance and constructive feedback with sensitivity to name but a few, then sign up today and start making a difference to a student’s future!

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