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Our Allied Health Professional Students as Leaders of the Future- Head of School Blog


Our Allied Health Professional Students as Leaders of the Future- Head of School Blog

Studying an Allied Health Professional course at Canterbury Christ Church University will provide you with a unique opportunity to develop your potential as a future leader within your chosen profession. Our courses are the only pre-registration courses to include accredited training from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Through our work with the CMI, you are able to obtain this additional qualification at no additional cost, and simply by completing your pre-registration course. You don’t even have to do any additional work if you don’t want, although we hope you will! This is because when we designed our new courses just over a year ago, we made sure students would have a wide range of different opportunities to learn about, to develop and to demonstrate their leadership potential. Our students also have access to a wide range of excellent leadership resources from the CMI in addition to those of our Canterbury Christ Church University.

Why pay attention to your leadership from the earliest part of your career as an Allied Health Professional? There are a number of important reasons;

  • We hope that our students are ambitious and want to move into leadership roles at work in the future. We can give you a head start.
  • Many Allied Health Professionals work privately, and transferable leadership skills can help you develop the success of your business.
  • One of the golden threads, or pillars of practice, across an Allied Health Professional’s career is leadership, and it’s important to develop your personal leadership from Day 1.
  • We hope that you will play a part in developing your chosen profession, campaigning on important issues, and influencing key decision-makers.

We hear that many forward-thinking employers really appreciate our development of students’ as leaders, as they go on to bring value-added skills and expertise into the organisation as employees.

At our University you’ll be supported to develop as a leader not just through our work with the CMI, but in other ways through your placements, as Course Representatives, and with the Students’ Union.

I’d like to finish this blog entry with a ‘shout out’ to those Allied Health Professional Students who were successful in the ‘Future Leader’ category of our 2023 Annual School Awards.

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