Why you should Download and Archive Submissions

Blackboard Assignments

If a Blackboard Assignment is deleted you will no longer be able to see either students’ work submitted, any e-feedback you’ve written or grades entered. It is therefore important to undertake the manual archiving of student work to comply with the University Document Retention schedule.

You may also want to download work or other information because:

  • work is only submitted electronically and you are required to retain copies for audit
  • you want to show a selection of work and/or feedback to external examiners

Please ensure that you

  • advise students before you delete a Blackboard Assignment, or recycle the list of users in your Blackboard site, and advise them to download their full scripts and/or e-feedback.
  • are aware of the programme’s procedure and location for archiving.

Contact your Digital Academic Developer for further guidance on how to share work with external examiners.