Ways BoB could be used

Listed below are ways BoB provides a way to integrate media within your learning and teaching.

  1. Promote active learning – Make available recently aired television or radio programmes to give your students access to the most up-to date developments in your subject area.
  2. Inspire and engage learners – Provide programmes or clips for students to watch and analyse in the classroom to facilitate engagement and further questioning about key issues and topics from your discipline.
  3. Implement a flipped classroom approach – Share a programme or clip for students to watch prior to a session, then discuss further online or in the classroom to enable independent or peer-assisted learning through creating collaborative learning groups.
  4. Create authentic learning opportunities – Use broadcast material to set the context for a topic that is relevant to your teaching to encourage deeper learning aimed at applying this learning to real world scenarios.
  5. Facilitate student-contributed content – Encourage your students to search the archive of broadcast media and share with fellow students to support and reinforce their learning.