Update list of student names displayed in Turnitin (Roster Sync)

Blackboard Original

If you have updated your lists of students in your Blackboard site since the setup of the first Turnitin Assignment, you will need to Roster Sync Turnitin to update the list of students that Turnitin displays.

NOTE: With most new module Blackboards you will need to peform a Roster Sync as Turnitin Assignments will have been pre-created prior to student enrolments.

When you Roster Sync in Turnitin, submissions, similarity reports and feedback for any students who are no longer enrolled on the module Blackboard will be lost and cannot be recovered. You must ensure you have first downloaded and archived anything you want to keep for students who are no longer on the module Blackboard site.

  • From within the Turnitin Assignment InBox
  • Select Roster Sync
Screen image highlighting the Roster Sync link at the top of a Turnitin Assignment InBox
  • The list of student names will update and display in the Assignment InBox
  • If names are still missing check that they are enrolled on the module Blackboard: Blackboard Users and Groups