University requirements for use of Turnitin

The scope of required use of Turnitin can be found in the Academic Misconduct Procedures which requires that word-processed coursework for levels 0-8 are submitted to Turnitin. Turnitin itself does not make any decisions about plagiarism, rather it produces a ‘Similarity report’ indicating where text in the submitted work matches other sources. Students will have an opportunity and are encouraged to submit at least one draft and view the Similarity report for each piece of coursework or assignment they are asked to submit to Turnitin to help them develop good academic writing. Programmes should provide an early educational focus on the use of Turnitin to help students with this.

To meet the requirements of the University Academic Integrity Policy;

  1. All Turnitin Assignments must be created within module Blackboards in a central Assessments area.
  2. There must be at least two draft Turnitin Assignments per module for students to use.  These must be in a separate folder from their final submission points.  See below for the standardised settings for draft submission points. 
  3. There must be a separate folder for final submissions for each assessment using Turnitin, within which there must be separate submission points for on time and after deadline submissionsStudents can see their similarity reports, if set to generate (only after the deadline for on time submissions and after submission for after deadline submissions).  See below for settings for final (on time) and final (after deadline) submission points.
  4. There must be a separate folder for reassessment, within which there are sub-folders for each assessment, again each containing separate submission points for on time and after deadline submissions.  This should appear beneath the initial assessment folders and ideally set up not to be visible to students until the reassessment period.
  5. The post date requirements for releasing feedback to students are 3 weeks from the deadline for on time submissions and 5 weeks from the deadline for after deadline submissions.

Please note:
i. If you are using the University template, these folders will already be set up for you.
ii. Most module Blackboards created from 2018/19 already come with Turnitin Assignments pre-created to this University standard. Instructions for final set up is included within the Blackboard itself. Check with your Digital Academic Developer for advice.