Unenrolling an Instructor from your Blackboard

To unenroll another instructor from your Ultra Blackboard the instructor firstly needs to be demoted to a student role before it is possible to remove them completely from your Blackboard.

  • From within the Blackboard select Class Register
  • Select the three dots next to the instructor’s name and select Edit member information:
screen image showing the edit member information option in class register on a Blackboard Ultra
  • From the right-hand panel that opens select the Role field, and use the drop-down to select Student and then select Save
screen image showing the options available in the role drop-down field in the edit member information panel

  • You may receive a ‘Sorry! Your name isn’t on the list’ message appear on the screen – this is a known bug which has been reported to Blackboard, simply click Close on the message – this in turn may boot you out of the Blackboard.
screen image of the error message that sometimes appears when attempting to demote an instructor to student in the class register
  • Simply go back into the Blackboard and select Class Register
  • The Instructor name that you just selected should now appear as a student
  • Select the three dots again against the name and select Edit member information
  • At the top of the right-hand panel that opens you should see a ‘dustbin’ icon, click on this
screen image showing the dustbin icon at the top right-hand area of the edit member information panel.

  • A ‘Remove Member?’ message will appear, simply click on Remove Member
  • That Instructor will now be removed.