Turnitin is the platform through which most electronic assessment work is submitted. The service enables students to improve their academic writing skills, and allows staff to confirm that submitted items are the authentic work of the student. In addition, the platform can be used to mark formal and summative assessments and provide feedback to students.

Turnitin can be accessed by staff and students on and off-campus through their individual modules on Blackboard using a supported browser.

Requirements under the Academic Misconduct Procedures

The Academic Misconduct Procedures require that word-processed coursework for levels 0, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 (undergraduate to postgraduate) is submitted to Turnitin.  Turnitin itself does not make any decisions about plagiarism, rather it produces a ‘Similarity report’ indicating where text in the submitted work matches other sources.  Students will have an opportunity and are encouraged to submit at least one draft and view the Similarity report for each piece of coursework or assignment they are asked to submit to Turnitin to help them develop good academic writing.  Courses should provide an early educational focus on the use of Turnitin to help students with this.

Before you start, please ensure that you have read and understood the University Requirements for use of Turnitin, the University Academic Integrity Policy, Limitations of Turnitin, and Turnitin User Agreement.

As some modules are still ‘teaching out’ using Blackboard Original sites and many now interacting with the new 22/23 Blackboard sites in Ultra, please select below which guidance you require:

Turnitin in an Original Blackboard (Index page)
Turnitin in an Ultra Blackboard (Index page)