Turnitin iPad App Check before you start

IMPORTANT- Check before you start


You should ensure that your iPad is secured using a passcode. Details of how to set this up can be found at: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204060

Data Protection

Remember, once you download work to your iPad for marking you are carrying around personal information. Data Protection requirements apply. Treat as if you are carrying around physical work for marking.

Risk of Losing Work

Regularly sync any grades and feedback when working offline to reduce the risk of losing marked work.

If working with a team of markers, only one person can download a given Assignment’s submissions to their iPad at a time or risk overwriting each other’s feedback when synchronising the app.

NEVER DELETE CLASSES YOU’VE LINKED TO OR UNLINK YOUR TURNITIN ACCOUNT WITHIN THE APP BEFORE SYNCING GRADES AND FEEDBACK – if you do, you’ll lose any grades and feedback not already sync’d and you won’t be able to get them back.

Note: the Turnitin Feedback Studio app is only available for iPads. Turnitin have no plans at present to make an app for iPhones, Android or any other mobile devices. Additionally, student access is not currently supported by our Turnitin integration within Blackboard.