Delete or Rename Folders in your ReCap Manage Media

If you wish to delete or rename a folder in your Manage Media area of ReCap, simply hover your mouse over the folder until a small ‘cog’ appears.  Click once on the ‘cog’ and the word ‘More’ will appear.

Hovering over a folder

Image shows the mouse hovering over a folder and the More option being made available

Click on the word ‘More’ and a further small window appears for you to be able to change the name of the folder, or enter a description or tags.

If you wish to delete the folder click on +Actions and the option to Delete Folder will appear.  Click on Delete Folder.

The next window that displays prompts you to enter the text ‘Confirm’ to confirm you are sure you wish to delete this folder.  This is case sensitive.

Enter the required text and then select Yes and the folder will be deleted.

Actions Delete Folder option and Delete confirmation window

Image shows the actions option highlighting the delete folder option with a pop out image showing where the user needs to input the text Confirm to confirm deletion of their folder.

Starting a ReCap Recording Manually

The recording software is already installed on the University PC’s, but should you wish to use the software from home, you will need to download and install it first.

If using a podium PC in a teaching space you have not used before, please check that the microphone indicator (see point 4 in YuJa software station image below) is showing that audio is being detected.

  • Within the ReCap media window select the Create Recording link at the top of the screen.
  • The Create Recording window will open:
Create Recording window An image of the small window that appears when the user selects to create a recording.
  • Make your selection from the drop-down option available
  • Click on Start
  • Select to “Open URL:YuJa Protocol” from the window that opens:
YuJa URL Protocol 

Image shows the YuJa URL Protocol window that appears when the start recording option is selected.

The recording Software Station window will open:

YuJa Software Station window with Folder option and Default Profile  Image shows the YuJa Software Station window that opens when first launching the record media option with a pop out image showing the profile options available.
  1. Enter a Title
  2. Click on the folder icon and select which folder you wish to store your recording in.  (Should you forget to select this, your recording will be automatically placed in your Manage Media /Default Collection.)

    When using an on-campus Podium PC:
  3. If using an on-campus podium PC click on the drop-down option against Profile to select what elements you wish to capture in the recording:
    e.g. Microphone and Screen only.

    Screen image showing the drop-down options available under the Profile options in the YuJa software station screen.

    When using your own PC at home:
    Select each of the Video, Audio and Screen options to select which you wish to turn ON or OFF.

  4. Ensure that the audio bar is showing that sound is being picked up.

  5. If you are recording at your desk and you have dual monitors, or use extended screen mode in lecture theatres or if a webcam has a microphone, then please check that each correct device is selected for its purpose.

To select another screen other than the default ‘primary’ screen, select Advanced Settings and from the small window that opens use the drop-down option to select the correct screen.

Screen image of the screen options available in the ReCap software capture settings
screen image showing the advanced settings for monitor selection in the ReCap software capture options

Always double check your preview display in the Software Capture window to see if the correct screen is being captured before clicking on Start.

Once you have selected Start a countdown from 3 will appear on the screen:

Recording starting image

An image of the recording count down as it appears on the screen as it begins to record.

Both the Microphone and the Screen (depending on which profile was selected in the earlier options) are now being recorded.

The ReCap toolbar will be visible in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen from which you can either Pause or Stop the recording, or open the YuJa Software Window (selecting the YuJa logo):

ReCap Recording Toolbar An image of the recording toolbar displaying the stop and pause buttons.

If the toolbar’s positioning is obscuring areas of your screen, simply move it by clicking on the edge and dragging it to a new location:

Recap recording toolbar showing mouse pointer to move toolbar to a new location

Selecting the double chevron on the right-hand edge will open further options:

ReCap recording toolbar additional options

Below is a video, demonstrating how to manually record using ReCap on-campus using the podium PC.

Direct Link:

Creating Folders in your ReCap Manage Media

It is recommended that you create yourself a folder structure before creating any recordings.  This will help you store and then find your recordings quicker and more easily in future.

  • Within the ReCap media window select the Manage Media link at the top of the screen and select New Folder.
  • The Create a new folder window will open, prompting you to enter a name for the folder.
  • Enter a meaningful name and select Save.
Manage Media and Naming of Folder windows

Image shows the My Media window with the Manage Media and New Folder options highlighted with a pop out image displaying the small naming window that displays when a new folder is created.
  • Your new folder will appear next to the ‘Default Collection’ folder already there, as well as appear in the folder list on the left-hand side under your My Media in the Personal section.
My Media Window

Image shows the newly created folder in the My Media menu

Accessing ReCap

ReCap can be accessed by staff and students on and off-campus through Blackboard using a supported browser. Please ensure Third-Party Cookies are enabled:

Guidance to enable Third-Party cookies for non-mobile
Guidance to enable Third-Party Cookies for mobile Safari

  • Log in to the PC
  • Launch Blackboard using Chrome
  • Open the required module / course
  • Select the ReCap link from the menu on the left
    [If this link is not present on your site it will need to be added – please request this via the IT Service Desk]

This will open your ReCap media window:

Screen image of an empty ReCap Media window.

It is recommended that you create yourself a folder structure before creating any recordings.  This will help you store and then find your recordings quicker and more easily in future.

Locating your ReCap Recording

After the recording has been stopped and you selected Save, it will take a little while (depending on the length of the recording) for the recording to upload and process, this is an automatic process and does not require any interaction from you.

Navigate to your ReCap Manage Media area

  • If you selected a folder to save to prior to starting the recording then navigate to that folder.
  • If you did not select a folder then you will either see the recording in your Default Collection folder or in the main Manage Media area.

You may not see anything initially!  Please be patient, the upload may still be taking place. Once uploaded you will see the ‘Processing’ image. 

Once fully processed the thumbnail image will display the first recorded screen.

How to [re]Generate Auto-Captions in ReCap

ReCap should automatically caption any video content that is recorded or uploaded into the system. If this doesn’t happen for a particular video, you can prod ReCap to create them for you.

The short screencast below shows how to generate auto-captions for a ReCap recording, or re-generate auto-captions if you already have captions available.

Please note that it can take up to 48 hours after the recording is uploaded and processed before captions are generated. The process shown here will not expedite this.

Direct Link:

Downloading ReCap Off-Campus

The software that ReCap uses to record your desktop (“YuJa Software Station”) can be downloaded for off-campus use by doing the following:

  1. open your device’s browser (Google Chrome is the most recommended)
  2. open your Blackboard course / module
  3. click on ReCap on the course menu [the page will reload as ReCap opens]
  4. click Create Recording at the top [a pop-up box will appear]
  5. click Download
  6. Follow the steps to install: for Windows ; for Apple Mac OS

There is also a video guide (6mins) that demonstrates the steps outlined above.


ReCap is CCCU’s Digital Learning Capture service which enables learning and teaching content to be audio and video recorded. To find out more visit the ReCap webpage.

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