Support for Students

Students should refer to the ReCap Submissions for Assessment using Blackboard Ultra guide for students for step-by-step instructions on how to embed ReCap into a Blackboard Ultra Assignment, as well as important considerations before they submit and a set of Frequently Asked Questions.

Students should refer also the Blackboard Ultra Assignments guide for students for general advice on submitting work to a Blackboard Assignment (e.g. how to attach files directly / save as draft also) and how to access their feedback.

Separate guidance is available for the Original version of Blackboard used before 22/23.

For technical issues students should log a call with the i-Zone, having first referred to the guidance which will contains advice for common issues.  Note: if a student has continued problems embedding via ReCap you can advise them to attach media files directly to the Blackboard Assignment, but you will have to download the files to play them and need to have the associated player installed.

Otherwise, the Course Team is students’ point of contact for all other support and guidance.  Specifically, you are responsible for:

  • settings expectations on length and quality of media

    bear in mind upload limitations off-campus – we recommend no more than a few hundred Megabytes file size, reducing quality at point of recording if necessary (definitely not HD if more than a few mins of video)
  • creating the Blackboard Ultra Assignment submission point
  • providing assessment guidance
  • referring students to the technical guidance

    recommend being explicit in the submission point where requiring ReCap media to be embedded, rather than media files attached directly, and link to the guidance highlighting that it includes browser requirements, advice for uploading off-campus and how to get their feedback
    (contact your Digital Academic Developer for help embedding a short video tutorial for students at the point of submission)
  • answering queries about what, where and when to submit and when and how feedback will be given
  • clearing incorrect submissions