Submitting work on behalf of a Student

Turnitin in Blackboard Original

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students are required to submit work to Turnitin themselves. For students with disabilities, submitting work uses regular Blackboard web pages which are screenreadable and tab-controllable. However, it can take a lot of ‘tabbing’ to use. If students find this difficult, tutors or programme administrators may submit work on their behalf.

To submit a student’s work for them,

  • Go to the Assignment InBox of the Turnitin Assignment you want to submit the student’s work to.
  • Select the Submit button (top-left of list of submissions).
screen image showing the submit icon at the top of a Turnitin Assignment Inbox
  • Choose the student whose work you want to submit from the author drop-down list:
screen image showing the author drop down list

NOTE: If the student’s name does not appear in the drop-down list, please see: Update list of student names displayed in Turnitin (Roster Synching).

  • Enter the Submission Title
  • Click on one of the options to select the file you want to upload
  • Navigate to the correct file and then select Upload
  • Wait for the Single File Upload screen to display fully and double check the details
  • When you are happy that the correct file is being uploaded select Confirm
  • Then select Go to assignment inbox to return to the Turnitin Assignment InBox