Student submission cannot be opened for feedback


Sometimes student submissions may upload and submit correctly but not be available for on-script marking. Typically this is where a Turnitin Assignment has been setup to ‘Allow any file type‘ and a student submits a file that cannot be rendered or ‘read’ by Turnitin, instead the Feedback Studio will open and provide a link to the original file that the marker can use to read the file and then provide written feedback and a grade in the Feedback Studio.

However, if a student paper cannot be opened for a Turnitin Assignment that has been setup to ‘Allow only file types that Turnitin can check for Similarity‘ (i.e. the standard for most written pieces of work) then the programme/module marker or administrator should email the IT Service Desk with the following details:

  • Blackboard Course Name, e.g. 2022-23 (Easter) Curatorial Studies (U34512)
  • Turnitin Assignment Name, e.g. ‘Assessment 1 – Essay’
  • Student Name
  • Paper ID

The request information is compiled and raised with TurnitinUK Support to perform a paper refresh. Please note that this can take a few days particularly during peak submission times, so the more lead time the better. Often the paper is refreshed and appears for grading in the usual way, however sometimes TurnitinUK Support may need to replace the submission with a different file type (e.g. PDF) to facilitate this – in these instances a member of the TEL Support team will be in touch to confirm that this is to be the case and to ensure that a copy of the original file has been downloaded in case any formatting is lost or changed in the replacement process.