Starting a ReCap Recording Manually

The recording software is already installed on the University PC’s, but should you wish to use the software from home, you will need to download and install it first.

  • Within the ReCap media window select the Create Recording link at the top of the screen.
  • The Create Recording window will open:
Create Recording window An image of the small window that appears when the user selects to create a recording.
  • Click on Start
  • Select to “Open URL:YuJa Protocol” from the window that opens:
YuJa URL Protocol 

Image shows the YuJa URL Protocol window that appears when the start recording option is selected.

The recording Software Station window will open:

YuJa Software Station window with Folder option and Default Profile

Image shows the YuJa Software Station window that opens when first launching the record media option with a pop out image showing the folder expansion window when selecting which folder to save the recording to and another pop out image showing the delete profile options available.
  1. Enter a Title
  2. and a Description if desired
  3. Click on the folder icon and select which folder you wish to store your recording in.  (Should you forget to select this, your recording will be automatically placed in your Manage Media /Default Collection.)
  4. Select each of the Video, Audio and Screen options to select which you wish to turn ON or OFF or if using an on-campus podium PC click on the drop-down option against Profile to select what elements you wish to capture in the recording: Default, Microphone and Screen or just Microphone.

Note: If you are recording at your desk and you have dual monitors or if a webcam has a microphone, then please check that each correct device is selected for its purpose.

Profile image

Image depicting the profile drop down option to select if microphone and screen or just microphone are to be recorded.

Click on Start

Once you have selected Start a countdown from 3 will appear on the screen:

Recording starting image

An image of the recording count down as it appears on the screen as it begins to record.

Both the Microphone and the Screen (depending on which profile was selected in the earlier options) are now being recorded.

The ReCap toolbar will be visible in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen from which you can either Pause or Stop the recording, or open the YuJa Software Window (selecting the YuJa logo):

ReCap Recording Toolbar

An image of the recording toolbar displaying the stop and pause buttons.

Below is a video, demonstrating how to manually record using ReCap on-campus using the podium PC.

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