Signposting content within ReCap recordings for your students

This is a quick guide for Staff on some quick and easy things you can do to signpost content for Students within longer ReCap recordings, for example recordings of your live teaching sessions.

This YuJa guide describes some helpful tools built into the ReCap player to help Students navigate and search within a recording (YuJa is the software which powers ReCap).

You can do the following to help Students use those tools more quickly and effectively:

Post any slides you use during ReCap recordings on Blackboard.
Add title slides with large text at the start of each section of content.
lowStudents can use as a reference for a visual search in the ReCap player using the SHOW THUMBNAILS option from Settings Cog.
Stay near the podium or use a wireless mic during live session recording.
Pause and clearly enunciate new topics / sections of content.
lowStudents can search auto-generated captions in the ReCap player using the SHOW SIDEBAR options from the Settings Cog.  Clearer audio = better captions.
Where embedding recordings in Blackboard site folders, Publish them also the Blackboard site’s ReCap Channel.lowStudents can only access the interactive transcript feature, which is a jumping off point to any part of the video, when playing a ReCap recording published to a Blackboard site’s ReCap Channel (the first screen after clicking on the ReCap link).
Bookmark key points within live session recordings using the Comment tool in the ReCap player (see image below).
Contact your Digital Academic Developer for advice and support.
medStudents can see comments on the timeline (circled below) and click on the purple dot to jump straight to them (see image below).
‘Chunk’ any pre-recorded input you make into smaller, focussed bits.medStudents can go straight to the recording with the content they need.


Comment tool in the ReCap player:

screen image of the commenting tool in the ReCap player

Timeline showing comments:

timeline showing comments