Sharing ReCap Media with Externals

All media created using ReCap is protected by the need to be logged in with a CCCU username and password by default. This is in place to avoid media being shared outside of the Institution without the owner’s permission. Should you, as the owner of a media item, need to share a recording with an external party (e.g. External Examiner, guest speaker who attended a session) you can disable this feature on an individual basis by doing the following:

  • open ReCap from any Blackboard site and find the relevant media item in your Manage Media
  • hover/mouse over the media and click More…
  • in the media pop-up box, click on the Links tab on the left
Scrrenshot of the links window that appears in ReCap, highlighting the Direct Link field that displays the direct URL, and highlighting the Security Settings icon.
  • click on Security Settings
  • click on the box for Password and Authentication Restriction to untick it
Screen image of the Security Settings window in ReCap highlighting the radio button next to Platform Authentication.
  • click Save to finalise

You can now provide a link to your external party that will not prompt them to log in to ReCap. The link can be obtained in the Links area by copying the contents of the Direct Link, the second box down. Provide this link to your external; the media will open for them in a new tab.