Schedule a Collaborate Session

Blackboard Collaborate has an intuitive design for scheduling sessions and viewing recordings. This is called the Collaborate Scheduler.

You can invite your attendees/students to access your Collaborate session in two ways:

  1. Via the Collaborate link in the Module Blackboard menu (recommended for students already enrolled on that module board)
  2. Via a guest link emailed to them (for externals or students not enrolled on that particular module board)

Template email to invite attendees

A template email to send to your attendees in advance of a session is available for your use. Copy and paste the body of the document (available as a Word document for ease) into an Outlook message and then review/tailor the details in red and delete the sections that are not relevant, including anything in [square brackets]. This has been designed to contain as much information as a participant/attendee may require in advance of a session, depending on how the session will be run.