Recreating Alternative Versions of Content for Smoother Playback

ReCap Housekeeping

Alternative quality versions of your content are automatically made by ReCap to enable smoother playback across a range of connection speeds.  If your content hasn’t been viewed for 3 years these alternative quality versions will be deleted as part of the ReCap housekeeping process in order to manage storage costs.  The original version of the video will remain playable, albeit with potential buffering on slower connections.  Content owners can also recreate the alternative quality versions, called ‘transcodes’ by YuJa (the software which powers ReCap), at any time in the following way.

Locate the content in your My Media area in ReCap.  Hover the cursor over the content and select More…

Showing More... option on content in My Media

Expand the More Options section within the More… menu and select Transcodes:

Access Transcodes from More Options

Tick any currently unavailable alternative quality versions that you want to recreate:

Showing ticks to request recreation of alternative quality versions

Click the Save Transcodes button to request recreation of the alternative quality versions.

Close the More… menu, return later and re-open to check progress.  Recreated alternative quality versions will say Finished:

Showing Finished meaning alternative quality versions have been recreated

If after some time they are still showing as Not Available, check that you clicked Save Transcodes when requesting their recreation, before closing the More… menu.  For support, or to request creation of alternative versions of higher qualities, CCCU Staff can contact their Digital Academic Developer and for KMMS Staff the Digital Education team.