ReCap Recycle Bin

Anything you delete (recordings or folders) will still be available for 90 days from when they were originally deleted. These can be retrieved or permanently deleted via the Recycle Bin.

To access the reycle bin:

  • Select your profile icon from the top-right corner of the screen
  • Select My Account from the dop-down menu
  • From the My Profile page that opens, hover the mouse over the right-hand edge to expand the side menu
screen image showing a section of the my profile screen
  • Select Recycle Bin
side menu that appears to the left side of the my profile screen with the recycle bin option selected
  • All deleted items will display on the screen
  • Hover your mouse over the thumbnail to select either Permanently Remove or Restore
  • A further confirmation window will appear
  • Selecting Yes (to restore) your deleted item will be restored to the location from which it was deleted in your Manage Media area
  • Selecting Yes (to remove) will permanently delete your media