ReCap Podium Set-Up

In each lecture theatre (except some of the larger ones e.g Og46, Pg09) the podium lectern will be equipped with the following:

Microphone – this will display a red light in the centre of the mesh to indicate that this is on.


Image of the style of microphone on lectern podiums for use with the ReCap software

A small light displaying different colours depending on its status:

  • Green = Recording
  • Amber = Paused
  • Clear / Off = Not Recording
  • Red = Error
Delcom Light

Image of the small light positioned on the podiums emitting different colours depending on the recording status.

The Podium light should be clear before commencing a recording.  Once the recording has started the light will turn green.  If the podium light indicates red, this means there is an error or fault with the recording, open and check the YuJa Software Window to see if the software is recording and restart if necessary.

The podium light can be used to pause and or stop the recording.  Simply press down on the light until it turns to amber (no more than 1 seconds, or one press) to pause or unpause, or press and hold until it turns clear (usually around 5 seconds) to stop the recording.