There has been a noticeable increase in the number of PowerPoint or ‘poster’ submissions being made to Turnitin at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU), as assessment types are becoming more varied for students. PowerPoint file formats, often .PPTX or .PPT, are accepted by Turnitin as part of their usual File Requirements, however it is key to note that as Turnitin is predominantly a text-matching service it cannot capture for onscreen feedback all of the visual elements that are offered by PowerPoint and which students may try to use.

Most submissions are taking place without issue; however, a not inconsiderable number are posing certain challenges for each user type:

  • Student – file not submitting due to formatting issues or not containing all elements of their document that PowerPoint supports but which Turnitin cannot (e.g. animations, transitions)
  • Marker – some student submissions being made successfully as far as the student sees (including receiving a paper ID and Digital Receipt), but which do not then open for onscreen feedback or viewing a Similarity Report from the Assignment Inbox (e.g. clicking on the pencil icon or submission title does nothing)
  • Administrator & Support – increase in support requests via the Service Desks, often resulting in submissions needing to be replaced after the fact

Using Turnitin’s own recommendations, the guides below offer some hints and tips as to what should be avoided when creating a PowerPoint document that is to be submitted to Turnitin for onscreen feedback. Staff should read and advise their students accordingly, pointing them towards the equivalent Turnitin – Student Guide to PowerPoint and Poster Submissions.

Note: where there is not a need to mark a submission onscreen, or only partially, then files with the below elements may still be submitted by the student for the marker to download from Turnitin rather than view online. Downloaded versions will open in PowerPoint allowing all original elements to be viewed and interacted with.

What does Turnitin NOT support