Playback of ReCap Recordings

Hover your mouse over the relevant thumbnail image and either select the Play icon or the Play option from the menu. Once the page loads click on the media to start playback:

Image showing the play option on a ReCap media recording

Once playback starts you have a number of options available to you at the bottom of the player:

image showing the playback options available when playing a media recording in ReCap

From left to right these option are:

  • Play/Pause – start and stop playback
  • Mute/Unmute + Audio Volume – control the level of sound during playback
  • Media Timeline/Duration – how long the media lasts and the current timestamp; click on the timeline or drag the circle to scrub through
  • Go Back 10 Seconds – shortcut to moving the playback backwards by 10 seconds
  • Toggle Captions – turn captions on/off (where available)
  • External Player – opens the media in a new tab and in fullscreen
  • Change Video Settings – opens the following additional options, bottom to top:
    • Caption Setting – change your personal caption appearance settings, such as text colour
    • Speed – set playback to be up faster or slower
    • Quality – select between 360p or 720p to improve playback performance on varying network connections
    • Show Sidebar – open a side-by-side view of any supporting captions, notes, comments, and resources (where available)
    • Enter Fullscreen – open media in fullscreen within the current tab

Player Keyboard Shortcuts

FunctionShortcut Key
Toggle Splitcreenr
Toggle Thumbnailst
External HTML5 Playere
Toggle Sidebars
Add Commentz
Toggle Audio Description
(where available)
Change Video Stream
(where available)
Seek Forward 5 Secondsl or Right Arrow
Seek Backward 5 Secondsj or Left Arrow
Increase Speed. (fullstop)
Decrease Speed, (comma)
Increase Quality= (equal)
Decrease Quality– (minus)
Increase Volume]
Decrease Volume[

More about keyboard shortcuts.