Password Protecting your ReCap Recording

If you would like to share your recording with others, but wish to add a level of protection you can add a Password.  Then simply share the link to the recording together with the password to those that you would like to share the recording with.

From your Manage Media screen, locate the recording you wish to Password Protect. Hovering over the thumbnail of the recording select the More option from the side menu:

Thumbnail image of recording An image of the thumbnail that appears in the media library once the recording has processed, and the options available to the user if their mouse hovers over the thumbnail.

From the More window that opens select Links from the left-hand menu and then select Security Settings:

Screen image showing the More window options in ReCap, highlighting the Links Menu

Within the Security Settings window that displays, ensure that Public is selected together with a check in the Password or Authentication Restriction field.  Select Simple Password and enter a password that you can then share with those individuals who you wish to have access.

Screen image showing the Security Settings window in ReCap, highlighting the options to select to enter a Simple Password to protect the recording