Padlet Privacy Settings

Recommended setting: Privacy setting is ‘Secret’ and Visitor permissions are ‘Can write’.

Your CCCU account Padlets are automatically created with the ‘Secret’ privacy setting. This means your Padlet is hidden from the public and only viewable to you, its creator, and the people that you choose to share it with.

If you link to or embed your Padlet in your Blackboard site any student on your site will then be able to see and contribute to your Padlet. Students who choose to login to Padlet will be identified on their posts by name. Other students’ posts will appear with the author as ‘Anonymous’.

PLEASE NOTE If you set your Padlet privacy settings to ‘Organisation Wide’ ALL users, both staff and students, will see this Padlet on their dashboard and be able to post to it. Please do not use this setting, consult your Digital Academic Developer for advice.