Monitoring Submissions to a Turnitin Assignment in Blackboard Original

To view students’ submissions:

  1. Within the module Blackboard
  2. Select to expand the Course Tools menu under your Control Panel
  3. Select Turnitin Assignments
  4. A list of all the Turnitin Assignments within the Blackboard site will be displayed
  5. Select the link to the Turnitin Assignment you wish to view
  6. The Assignment InBox will display:
Screen image showing a Turnitin Assignment InBox

7. The list will display which student’s have and have not submitted.

If you have many students, there are a number of options to make it easier to find a given student’s submission:

  • View all submissions on one page
  • To sort by student name alphabetically, simply click on Author column heading in the Assignment InBox window (you can sort by any other column heading the same way)
  • Use your browser’s text find feature (Ctrl+F in most browsers)