Mentimeter Guidance and Support

Help with Mentimeter

The links below will direct you to Mentimeter’s own guidance and support pages.

  • Getting Started with Mentimeter is the best place to begin with Mentimeter. This section pulls all of the most useful elements together to make you an instant Mentimeter expert!
  • Check out the best advice for successful Mentimeter presentations. This sections explains what you need to do to prepare and execute your presentations like a star!
  • Creating presentations and questions. This section details the types of questions you can ask your audience and learn how to best use them.
  • Presenting with Mentimeter. This section will help you to learn what is possible to do when presenting with Mentimeter.
  • How to vote. This section will help you to prepare your polling by anticipating what your audience will experience.
  • After the presentation. This section explains how to export, share or analyze the data after your presentation.
  • Frequently Asked Questions has answers to the most common questions regarding Mentimeter.
  • YouTube Tutorials. A suite of video tutorials to make your presentations fizz!

Available below is a template slide that you are welcome to download and add to your presentations to help direct students in how to access Mentimeter for polling in-class. Simply replace the code (in this example 00 00 00) with the unique one for your Mentimeter presentation.

Mentimeter – PowerPoint Template