Locating Removed Content

ReCap Housekeeping

Remaining content still flagged for removal after the opt-out period (see When does ReCap housekeeping happen?) will be removed to a temporary archive ‘recycle bin’ from where it can be restored for up to 6 months, after which it will be permanently deleted. 

You can see a list of your content removed in your personal My Archive area in ReCap, towards the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar:

Showing archived content in My Archive area via left-hand navigation bar

Removed content is no longer playable, neither by yourself nor anyone you had provided access to it.  It will be automatically removed from any Blackboard sites’ ReCap Channels you had published it to.  Where embedded within the content of a Blackboard site using the ReCap Media Chooser (formerly called the YuJa Media Chooser) a message will be shown to say it has been archived:

Showing content has been archived message when try to play

Note: the term ‘recycle bin’ here is used in a metaphorical sense only in relation to temporary storage of centrally removed content in an archive area as part of annual ReCap housekeeping.  It should not be confused with an actual ReCap recycle bin where content you yourself delete goes and which is accessed via your YuJa account profile (YuJa is the software which powers ReCap).