Locating a student’s submission

If a student has submitted their assignment to the incorrect Turnitin Assignment, but on the correct Blackboard site, Turnitin no longer allows you to click on a student’s name to view which other Turnitin submission points the student has submitted work in.

Instead, you can check via Blackboard’s Gradebook.

To do this, select Gradebook from the relevant Blackboard site:

screen image showing the gradebook link in Blackboard Ultra

Select Student to list all students in your Blackboard site:

screen image showing the list and students option in gradebook

Click on the student’s name to view what and where they have submitted:

screen image showing the student's name in list view in gradebook

This will open a new page about the student and will tell you what the student has submitted and where – this includes all forms of submission such as online tests, Turnitin submissions, Blackboard Assignment submissions, journal entries (if being accessed), discussion board entries (if being accessed):

screen image displaying the filtered student and where they have submitted or accessed assignments.