Known Issues

This page contains a list of known issues with any of the tools that comprise the Learning Platform Suite. This includes the current status of the issue and any available workarounds. Issues are logged -and the page maintained- by the TEL Team. Tools are listed in alphabetical order.

Encountered an issue not featured on this page? Please log a call with the i-zone (for Students) or the IT Service Desk (for Staff).


Outstanding Issues


Automatic Spell Checking not working

> Issue – incorrectly spelt words are not being automatically highlighted by the spell checker
> Error Message – None
> Status – work in progress between supplier, TEL Team, and IT Support Operations
> Last Update – November 2021
> Workaround – use the manual spell checker by clicking the ABC button (second row of icons fifth from left)

Incorrect ‘Overdue’ Notifications in Updates section of Global Navigation Menu

> Issue – Blackboard and Turnitin Assignments created as a copy from a previous course (i.e. if a 2020-21 course was requested as a copy of a 2019-20 version) may result in ‘overdue’ notifications appearing erroneously in the ‘Updates’ section of the Global Navigation menu [click on your name in the top right corner of Blackboard > Updates (alarm clock icon)]. This is because the ‘Updates’ section is picking up their original deadline dates rather than the newly edited ones
> Error Message – None – assignments that are not overdue are initially listed as such
> Status – reported to supplier, acknowledged as ‘known issue’ and awaiting fix
> Last Update – November 2021
> Workaround – students can disable these specific notifications by opening the ‘Updates‘ section of the Global Navigation menu, clicking on the settings cog towards the right side, unticking ‘Assessment Overdue‘, and clicking ‘Save‘ to finalise. Students can always get an accurate due date by clicking on the ‘View/Complete’ link of any Turnitin Assignment or the title of any Blackboard assessment.


Low Speaker volume when using Safari 15 MacOS / iOS 15

> Issue – Collaborate users on iOS 15 and Safari 15 may experience low speaker volume that may make it hard to hear the session
> Error Message – None
> Status – Apple has confirmed a known issue with their Webkit and are planning a fix for an upcoming iOS 15 release.
> Last Update – November 2021


Modified date is inconsistent

> Issue – the Modified date shown underneath an asset (open PebblePad > Assets) can be different from the one shown in the asset’s information area (the ‘i’ symbol to its right).
> Status – reported to supplier, logged with developers and PebblePad Community as an improvement. Acknowledged by support that these two dates are different for a reason but that calling them both the same thing is unhelpful. The date underneath the asset is the last date that a structural change was made (e.g. a page being added or removed); the date in the information area is the last time the asset was saved (e.g. content added or changed).
> Last Update – November 2021

Edit a Page in a Workbook

> Issue – when a student edits a Page (added as a placeholder or separate asset) from within a Workbook and clicks on Save then Back to workbook, they receive a red banner error message.
> Error Message – “You are in preview mode because this workbook or one of its pages is open elsewhere, If you make changes there may be a risk of losing work”
> Status – reported to supplier, logged with developers and PebblePad Community as an improvement. Acknowledged as a bug to be fixed in an upcoming release.
> Last Update – November 2021
> Workaround – students can dismiss the message by clicking on the X to the right of the red banner.