Kaltura is used to support student media assessment.

As part of a repositioning of our learning platform suite tools, ReCap has been used during the 2019-20 academic year to provide learning capture and store pre-recorded materials. This means that Kaltura is no longer used by staff to store or capture learning materials. Instead, Kaltura has been repositioned for the single purpose of providing a platform for student submission of media assessment from August 18th, 2020 onwards. Further information is available in a StaffNet notice (posted 28 July 2020).

Moving Media from Kaltura to ReCap

If you have content in Kaltura that you wish to keep you will need to migrate this to ReCap. To do this please view the video below:


Direct Link: https://cccu.yuja.com/V/Video?v=29683&node=179787&a=71733477&autoplay=1