iPad App Adding additional Blackboard courses

To add additional Blackboard courses to the app, you will need to repeat the above steps, and add each ‘Class’ from within Blackboard.

  1. Return to the class list by tapping on the Turnitin App. The name of the newly added Blackboard will appear in the list.
  2. Once you have finished adding the feedback and grades to the relevant submissions, tap on the menu icon (appears as three lines stacked vertically) to ‘Sync Now’ or to ‘Log Out’ of the Turnitin App fully.

Logging out completely, will remove all the papers, data and user information previously downloaded to the iPad Turnitin App, so ensure you have fully Synced before logging out.

For further guidance on how to add additional classes, see the Adding an LMS class to the app section within Turnitin’s own guide.