How to update ReCap sofware on your home computer

A new version of the ReCap desktop recorder (‘YuJa Software Capture’) is now available for your home computer/laptop. In order for the software that you are using to remain up-to-date, please complete the following steps at your earliest convenience.

Note: Applying this update to ReCap requires the version you currently have installed to be removed first. This a one-time operation as, once installed, the latest version will prompt you when newer versions are available and will automatically overwrite the old version.

Note: The steps on this page are only for home computers and laptops. Computers on-campus will be updated centrally co-ordinated by a central project with the TEL and IT teams. We ask that you please do not manually uninstall/install new versions on campus computers.

Uninstall the current version

The first step is to remove the version that you currently have installed on your computer. Follow the guide below depending on your operating system:

Install the latest version

The second step is to re-download the software, which will automatically be the latest version. To do this:

  1. Open any Blackboard course where ‘ReCap’ is available on the left-side course menu
  2. Click the ‘ReCap’ link to open the service
  3. Follow the guide below depending on your operating system:

Notification and the Ability to Update the Application Directly within the Application
Once updated the Software Capture application now provides an indicator when a new version is available. Additionally, integrated into the application is an installer that will download and install the latest version.

screen image showing the new version indicator