How to Post on a Padlet

There are a few ways to create a new post on a Padlet;

1. Select or tap on the big pink (+) icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your Padlet.
2. Double click (web) or double tap (mobile/tablet) anywhere on your on your Padlet.
Both these methods will open a blank text box:

The Padlet Post composer - a pop-up box with space for a 'Subject' at the top, a grid with additions and media that can be applied, and a space for text.

3. In addition you can also copy and paste (web only) directly onto the Padlet. As long as the Padlet window is open and selected, you can paste any link onto a Padlet and a new post will appear.
4. Drag and drop

There are a number of different file types that can be posted on to your Padlet. A grid in the editor of each post has the most commonly used available as quick links (Upload, Take Photo, Link, Image Search, More), or clicking on … (or anywhere on the black/blank tiles will open the full menu of file type options:

The media options available when creating a post on Padlet. These appear as a grid along with a search box at the top for quickly browsing for images, GIFs, etc.

Find out more about the Padlet Post composer on the Padlet Blog.