How to Create a Sub-Channel (Folder)

Sub-Channels allow you to organise your media into distinct sub-collections within a designated Media Channel (Module Blackboard ReCap channel).

  • Navigate to the relevant module Blackboard where you wish to set up the sub-channel. 
  • Select the ReCap link.
  • You will now be in that module’s ReCap channel:
Screen image showing a Blackboard module ReCap channel with content in Display format.
Figure 1 - ReCap Channel - in Sort View

Your screen may look different to the above image depending on your choice of display format.  Your screen may look more like this:

Figure 2 – ReCap Channel – In Display View

To switch between the two viewing formats simply select the Format Display icon in the top right-hand area of your window, located just under the Main Menu grid icon.

The above images show content that has been published to that module’s ReCap channel together with 2 folders (Medway Group and Policing & Society).  These folders are known as sub-channels.

Creating a Sub-Channel

Ensure your ReCap channel view is selected to the Sort View

Along the top menu bar select New Sub-Channel. The Create a new Sub-Channel window will open.

Screen image of the Create a new sub-channel window.

Enter a name for your new sub-channel and then select Save. The new folder / sub-channel will appear in your ReCap channel.