How ReCap Submissions work

Blackboard Original

ReCap submissions use a standard Blackboard Assignment submission point.  Students can embed into their Blackboard Assignment submission media that they have first uploaded into ReCap.  See the student guide to familiarise with how they do this.

Please note:

Blackboard Assignments are different to Turnitin submission points.  ReCap media cannot be embedded within a Turnitin submission. 

How to set up a Blackboard Original Assignment for ReCap Submissions

Students can embed ReCap media in a standard Blackboard Assignment submission, there are no special settings required.  See the Blackboard Original Assignments guide for staff for instructions on setting up a submission point. 

Check with your academic administration team first before creating a Blackboard Assignment.  Unlike Turnitin, there are no standard University settings, however some Faculties, Schools and Centres use their own standard settings.

Ensure you refer students to the technical guidance for students.  See Support for Students for advice on guidance for students at the point of submission. 

How much Media can Students submit?

ReCap can effectively accept any size of file, being limited mainly by the students upload speed for which you should set realistic expectations for length and quality of video, especially where uploading off-campus (see Support for Students). 

Multiple pieces of ReCap media can be embedded in a single Blackboard Assignment submission, either at the same time or by saving the submission as a draft and returning later to add more media before submitting (see technical guidance for students).

Why Embed ReCap media and not just attach Media directly to the Blackboard Assignment?

Blackboard Assignments enable multiple and/or larger files than Turnitin to be attached to submissions. Although media files can be attached directly to a Blackboard Assignment submission, like attaching to an e-mail, attachments have to be downloaded by markers to play and types of media file that can be submitted are limited by the software markers have installed. 

Where embedded via ReCap, all commonly used media files can be accepted and converted to play back online, without having to download the media and the need for any additional software to be installed.

What is ‘YuJa’?

Where you see ‘YuJa’ referred to, which may be on-screen when using ReCap or via links to some external guidance, this is the software that powers our digital learning capture service which we call ReCap.  Please use ‘ReCap’ when contacting our student and staff help desks.