Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from students can be found on the TEL Knowledge Base for Students

Can I grade more than one paper at once?

No, Turnitin does not support grading on multiple papers at the same time. Instructors should only have one paper open at any one time in order to minimise impact on grading and to prevent grades/feedback transferring onto other papers.

Can multiple instructors mark the same paper at the same time?

No, Turnitin does not support multiple markers having the same paper open at the same time. Although *technically* possible, this is ill-advised as the effect to the paper and any grading information entered can be detrimental. For ‘Best Practice’, it is recommended that multiple/peer markers agree between themselves when a paper has been closed and can be handed-over for the next marker.

Will I still have access to work submitted to Turnitin Assignments when my students are changed in my Blackboard Course or when I delete a Turnitin Assignment?

When you delete a Turnitin Assignment (submission point), remove students from a Blackboard site or delete a whole Blackboard site, you will no longer be able to see either students’ work submitted to Turnitin, associated Similarity reports, any feedback you’ve written or grades entered.  

IMPORTANT: In order to comply with the University document retention schedule, you must ensure you have manually archived any student work yearly, before you delete a Turnitin Assignment.  You should also provide students with the opportunity to download their digital receipts, Similarity reports and/or feedback.

See the Downloading and Archiving from Turnitin section for more information.

ALWAYS CHECK DOWNLOADED WORK FROM TURNITIN: As with any download, particularly ZIP files, it’s important to open and check them after downloading.  Always check work and other information has downloaded OK from Turnitin before archiving it.