Excel Importable Rubrics Toolkit

Turnitin will accept rubrics created outside it’s own rubric creation screen but these must have been created on a very specific Excel template. This is particularly useful for those who need to create and manage very large rubrics or grading forms.

The TEL Team have prepared a .ZIP file which contains the University’s standard Rubrics CCCU L0/4/5/6 & 7 together with a blank rubric template as well as a guide of how to import this to your Rubric Library in Turnitin.

  1. Select the Download – Turnitin Excel Importable Rubrics Toolkit.zip link below [the .zip file will open in a separate browser tab].
  2. Select the Download option from the top left-hand corner of the screen:
screen image of the download icon on a sharepoint window

Once downloaded, open the file to view and select the required marking grid / document.

To view a brief screen recording of how to download the Toolkit, open and edit the required excel spreadsheet and then how to upload and attach it to your Turnitin Assignment: Rubrics 2022 Turnitin in Ultra

In addition there are bookable workshops via StaffSpace: Turnitin: Rubrics and Assessment Grids