Blackboard Assignment

Within the Mark Assignment window select the small arrow head within the Attempt section to expand the window:

screen image showing the small drop down arrow in the Mark Assignment panel

Enter Feedback in the Feedback to Learner section.

screen image of the feedback area in Blackboard Assignments with the Add Notes highlighted.

Select Add Notes to expand the Marking Notes – these are Private and only visible to the tutor or other Instructors of the course board.

screen image of the private marking notes area in a Blackboard Assignments which is only visible to the tutor or other instructors.

Click Save Draft to return an assignment attempt without a grade and with comments only.

The assignment remains ungraded and an exclamation mark remains in the My Grades and in the Grade Centre.

Students can access the comments through their Assignment Submission point and can resubmit by accessing the assignment, if resubmissions have been made possible.