Content from ReCap can be embedded within Blackboard Learn using the standard editor available when you create an “Item”, by following the steps outlined below.

Note that this method will work anywhere within Blackboard that uses the standard editor, including discussion board posts. 

Please also note that the method detailed below will allow for analytics to be recorded on each video – this is a change to previous behaviour where analytics were unavailable for embedded views.

  1. In ReCap, hover your mouse over the thumbnail of your video and select More… 
  2. Click on the Links option.
  3. Enable the Enable Auto Single-Sign-On for Embedded and Direct Linked Media option.
  4. Highlight all of the code listed in the Embed This box and copy it.
  5. Click the Save Links button.
  6. In your Blackboard course, create an Item where you wish to embed the video.
  7. Click on the HTML button in the text editor
  8. Paste the code you copied from ReCap, then click Submit.

There is also a video guide (4 mins) that demonstrates the steps outlined above.

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