Embedding a Padlet into a Blackboard

  1. Open your Padlet and click on the SHARE button towards the top-right of the screen
  2. In the SHARE menu, scroll down to the SHARE section
  3. Select the option Embed in your blog or on your website
  4. Click on the word COPY under the Full Embed section (larger) box at the top of the side panel. This copies the HTML code powering your Padlet. (a confirmation message will appear to let you know that the link has been copied)
  5. In any Blackboard site in which you have Instructor permissions, go to the area or folder in which you wish to place the link. Select Create > Document
  6. Give the document a Name.
  7. Select to make the document visible / hidden from students or set release conditions.
  8. From the document options select Add HTML
  9. Click in the box that opens and Paste (Ctrl+V) the earlier copied HTML code.
  10. Click on Save at the bottom. Your Padlet should now appear.

For a short video guide on how to embed a Padlet into your Blackboard: How to embed a Padlet into a Blackboard Ultra site