Draft Turnitin Set-Up in Blackboard Ultra

Two Draft Turnitin submission points will have already been created in the Ultra template. However if you need to create further Draft submission points please see Setting up a Turnitin Assignment in Blackboard Ultra for the initial steps then follow steps below:

Screen image showing the Title, Instructions and Dates fields for setting up a Turnitin Assignment

Title: Enter DRAFT
Instructions: (NB: There is a 250 character display limit to this field)
Max Grade: 0
Start Date: Should be from the point the first assessment brief is given to students.
Due Date: Should be at the point at which the last assessment is submitted for this module including reassessment.
Feedback Release Date: 1 day after the above Due Date

Optional Settings

Screen image showing the optional settings expanded and the submit papers to drop down

Submit papers to: Do not store the submitted papers

Submission Settings

Screen image showing the submission settings in Turnitin

Allow submission of any file type: Select this option if the assessment is a non essay / text submission, e.g. for poster or PowerPoint presentations.  This does not include media files.  Media or Audio files should be submitted to a Blackboard Assignment via ReCap.

Allow late submissions: This should not be selected for DRAFT set-up.

Enable anonymous marking: Select if this assessment is being marked anonymously.

Attach Rubric

Screen image of attach rubric drop-down field in Turnitin

For DRAFT Set-Up select No Rubric.

Compare Against

Screen image showing the Compare Against options in Turnitin

Select each check box to generate a similarity report for submissions.  If no Similarity report is necessary (e.g. Poster Presentation) then these fields should be unchecked.

Similarity Report

Screen image showing the Similarity Report options in Turnitin

For DRAFT Set-Up, select: Generate reports immediately (students can resubmit until due date).

Screen image showing the exclusion options in Turnitin

Allow students to view Similarity Reports: this should be selected for all set-ups that are generating a similarity report, i.e. where each check box has been selected under ‘Compare Against’.

Exclude bibliographic materials: should be unchecked.
Exclude quoted materials: should be unchecked
Exclude small sources: should be unchecked.

Exclusions can be later selected by the marker via Feedback Studio.

Exclude Assignment Template

Screen image of Turnitin's Exclude Assignment Template

Please ignore this section

Additional Settings

Screen image of the Additional Settings option in Turnitin

Select to save these settings for future use if you are creating the same type of assignment e.g. all DRAFT or all FINAL or all AFTER DEADLINE.

Finally select Submit:

screen image of how a Turnitin Assignment set up appears when built in Blackboard Ultra