DRAFT Turnitin Assignment Set-Up for Anonymous Marking

Additional Steps

Please refer to the DRAFT Turnitin Assignment Set-Up (Standard Settings) guide on how to set up or edit existing Turnitin Assignments using the standardised University requirement before using this guide on making specific changes to enable anonymous marking.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All draft submission points should be anonymised. This includes the draft submission points which come pre-set in new module Blackboards, which are used for student ‘self-service’ only. Please refer to the Policy for separate arrangements for formative assessment, including feedback on drafts.

Do not change the Post Date to be any earlier than the last student’s assessment for the module, including re-assessment, so that anonymity is preserved throughout.

Screen image of the Optional Settings icon

Select Optional Settings:

Amend the special instructions area as appropriate, for example adding Course Administrator contact details (not Tutor contact details), and a sentence to say that the submission point is anonymised referring to student guidance. Furthermore, emphasise that the submission point is for student ‘self-service’ only and they should not be receiving any feedback on submissions to these points:

Screen image of the Special Instructions box found under the Optional Settings of a Draft Turnitin Assignment.
Screen image of the Anonymous Marking Settings for a Draft Turnitin Assignment.

Scroll down the Optional Settings page and ensure;
Enable anonymous marking? Yes

Then select Submit, wait a few seconds and then select OK.