Downloading ReCap Media for Students

For security, media can only be downloaded from ReCap by the owner. This means that students cannot automatically download copies of lectures, seminars, and other available learning materials. If a student has a need for media to be downloaded they are advised to contact their tutor or programme team to discuss.

Note: from the University’s Digital Learning Capture Policy:

“Where downloadable formats of recordings are made available, they are provided for personal use only. Distribution of such content to unauthorised parties is considered a breach of the University’s intellectual property rights and copyright ownership, and the University reserves the right to take appropriate action against any individual or group unlawfully distributing its content without express permission.”

Downloading Media

The owner can download a copy of their media item(s) by doing the following:

  1. open ReCap and find the desired media item
  2. mouse over and choose More…
  3. choose Download
  4. in the Download Content section, choose what version of the media you wish to download (the standard will be audio and video content which will combine both into one file)

Download for use ONLY in YuJa Mobile App

Staff can enable media to be downloaded by students for offline viewing only through the YuJa Mobile App, which allows students to watch the selected media without a stable internet connection (e.g. on their commute). Staff can do this in ReCap by:

  1. selecting the media item they wish to make downloadable and choose More
  2. select the Download section
  3. change Allow Viewers to Download in Mobile Apps to Enable
  4. click Save Downloads to finalise
screen image showing the enable feature for downloading media