Downloading and Archiving from Turnitin

This section contains technical instructions for programme teams on downloading and archiving submitted work, Similarity Reports, Feedback and lists of Marks from Turnitin. It also contains advice on the University’s requirement to download and archive for retention purposes and arrangements for disk space for doing so.

Always check downloaded work from Turnitin

Downloads can be interrupted or the contents corrupted. This is particularly true with large ZIP files which can take a while to download, such as those from Turnitin.

Before archiving them, always check the contents of ZIP files downloaded from Turnitin to ensure all required information was downloaded.

Archiving in situ

Following a change in our Turnitin licence we now have the ability to keep submitted work, marks and feedback in Turnitin live within Blackboard. This option has been available since 20/21 Blackboards and you may still choose to download and archive offline. Course teams can decide which method is preferable but must do one or the other to meet retention requirements.