Downloading a Padlet

Padlets can be downloaded too! Take a ‘snapshot’ of your Padlet and save it in PDF, image, or Excel format.

  1. Open your Padlet Wall and click on the SHARE button towards the top-right of the screen
  2. In the SHARE menu, click on the SHARE/EXPORT/EMBED tab
  3. Scroll down to the Export section and choose what format you want to export to (tip: saving as either an image or PDF tends to be the most user-friendly, but test all the variations to see what works best for the content on the wall)
  4. After a brief loading period you will be presented with your chosen format either as a file or in a new tab. To save from an image you’ll need to right-click the image and choose Save image as…; to save from a PDF click on the download arrow towards the top-right of the screen.